Carlsbad trading card company stirs up Hillary controversy

Recalled Hillary Clinton card from Upper Deck’s “Presidental Predictor” series.Carlsbad based Upper Deck Company, one of the leading sports trading card makers, is attracting a bit of desirable controversy over their limited edition set of “Presidential Predictor Cards” featuring cartoonish renderings of Barack Obama wearing a White Sox jacket and catching a fly ball, Rudy Giuliani, George W. Bush trying to steal home plate from Al Gore, John Edwards depicted as a ghostly “Moonlight Graham,” and more.

What’s riling folks, however, is the supposed last second decision to pull an arguably sexist Hillary Clinton card from the pack. Upper Deck was so regretful about almost including the card that apparently hired a PR agency to disseminate the news, along with a copy of the card:

Upper Deck’s Vice President of Marketing Louise Curcio explained: “The subject matter of the original card was considered to be somewhat controversial, and could possibly be deemed inappropriate. It is important that all of the Presidential Predictor cards are both fun and humorous, but ultimately in good taste.”

The Hillary card compares the Presidential contender to Morgana Roberts, “baseball’s infamous ‘kissing bandit,'” who was known for running onto baseball fields and kissing players, including Pete Rose and George Brett, before being escorted away by security. “Like Clinton,” the back of the card reads, “she saw something she liked and went after it.”

Non-partisan political blog “Donklephant” expresses disgust at what they believe is a shameless publicity stunt: “Shame on you Upper Deck. Seriously. This was beyond stupid. And double shame on their PR agency for treating bloggers like shills.”

I hope he’s trying to be ironic.

Full set (sans Hillary)

Upper Deck’s “Presidential Predictor” series


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