Hillary Clinton still won the California primary

DSC_0431.jpgThe big blog buzz this week seems to be the recalibration of California’s primary results, which have resulted in less of a win for Hillary than originally projected.

Instead of winning 207 of 370 pledged state delegates, she only received 203. Statewide, that a difference of 1%. Nationally, alongside her current delegate count of 1,467, its just over a quarter of a percentage point. (These numbers vary between analysts, but the overall impact is still the same – final tallies will be state certified on the 15th).

Gawker, in a story headlined, “Obama Secretly Wins California Primary!” writes, “We would give you the details but we find math boring, unless it concerns the price of a hooker.” They also explain Hillary still won in the popular vote and delegate count, Obama “still won the state of California through sheer force of charm and ‘momentum.'”

I’m not going to pretend I’m anything besides an enthusiastic Obama supporter, but the reality is that Hillary still clearly beat him in California. Nationwide, he’s still in the lead. Fudgeting over a 1/4 of a percentage point just feels like the anti-Clinton camp is just rubbing it in.

[source: The Numbers Guy, photo by me]

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