Tuesday Roll Call


Jinx! Only 22% of people responding to a Harris Interactive poll read blogs regularly. The highest demographic are internet savvy seniors, 63 or older, at 26% percent (hi dad!). By party breakdown: 22% of Republicans, 20% of Democrats, and 26% of independents read political blogs on a regular basis. [Reuters]

Assemblyman Pedro Nava (D-Santa Barbara) delivered a blow to the Real ID Act on Monday with a non-binding resolution forcing a state delegation to reconsider signing onto the national ID system, citing cost, inconvenience, and privacy issues. [Threat Level]


Last week Assemblywoman Nicole Parra (D-Hanford) introduced a bill that would expand mandatory, every other year smog checks on vehicles throughout the state. Currently, only areas with poor air quality are under this requirement, while everywhere else emission tests are only required when there is a change in ownership. [Bakersfield Californian]


LA County school superintendant Darline P. Robles and a delegation of over 13 school administrators headed to Sacramento on Monday to protest a proposed education funding cut of $4.8 billion. [KNBC]

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa failed the state bar four times, and still hasn’t passed. On the bright side, Amy Alkon says at least he “hasn’t been caught with a hooker.”

For the first in Orange County’s history, voters will choose from an all-Vietnamese-American ticket for First District Supervisor. Incumbent Republican candidate Janet Nguyen faces off against Duna Nguyen, a Garden Grove councilwoman and fellow Republican, and attorney Trung Nguyen, a Democrat. [OC Register]


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