Wednesday Roll Call

“LA’s Mayor Appreciates The Female Physique”At right, “LA’s Mayor Appreciates The Female Physique” from Glitterati Magazine.


Hillary Clinton supporter Mayor Gavin Newsom explains that she has a better chance of winning in November because Clinton will be able to turn national intelligence reports, and thus the issue of security, in her favor. [Huffington Post]


A foster teen whose plans to enlist in the Marine Corps were denied by a judge on the basis that she didn’t support the war in Iraq, has gained the support of L.A. County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, who has called for a complete investigation into the matter. [Daily News]


On March 26th, John McCain hits the Bay Area for two fundraising events: a $1000 seat daytime event in Pebble Beach (fundraisers who bring in $46k or more can sit at the head table), and in the evening a $2300/plate dinner at San Francisco’s Ritz Carlton, with better seating for fundraisers bringing in $25k or $50k. [SF Gate Politics Blog]

A Sunnyvale man is suing his neighbors for not cutting down trees that are blocking solar panels on his roof, violating a never used “right to sunshine” law. The trees were planted long before the solar panels were installed in 2001, but have since grown above the neighbor’s roof. [Ask Mom, She Knows / CNN]

San Jose Assemblyman Joe Coto has proposed a bill to require all 18 year olds to vote in order to receive their high school diploma. [NBC11]


Two San Diego County school districts announced teacher layoffs earlier this week. The tally: Poway Unified, 180 teachers, and a possible elimination of its ROTC program; and San Diego Unified, 614 teachers, plus an additional 300 or so principals, nurses, and other employees. Last month, San Marcos Unified announced layoffs for 130 temp teachers, but has shifted additional cuts to employees and staff. [SignOn San Diego]


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