State of California wants to tell you when heat up and cool off.

Remember how your parents used to always yell at you to not sit so close to the TV so you don’t go blind, to wash your hands before dinner to keep from getting cooties, to turn down the thermostat so you don’t cause a brownout, and not to use the fireplace so you don’t add to air pollution?

Well, unfortunately, you now have glasses and are probably, right now, less than two feet from the screen as you read this. And, well, the cooties are your business. But the air conditioning and fireplace reminders? No worries! Big Brother Cali is here to babysit you.

If you live in the Inland Empire or San Gabriel Valley (and other SoCal) areas that experience undue amounts of smog) you should note that the South Coast Air Quality Management District  voted last week “to impose fines on homeowners who burn wood in fireplaces on high-pollution days during winter months” with fines as high as $500 per violation. Neighbors are encouraged to report smokey neighbors as well. [h/t Apartment Therapy LA]

And don’t worry about freezing to death on a hot summer night just because you left the air conditioning on: The California Energy Commission is trying to mandate remote controlled thermostats in every new home or building so that a government agency could turn down the temp during peak energy times. However, State Sen. Tom McClintock, R-Thousand Oaks, drafted legislation that would make this sort of action illegal. [Patterico’s Pontifications]


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