Is Obama dissing an undecided super-delegate?

The Fresno Bee has a look at Representative Jim Costa, an undecided Democratic superdelegate who is relishing the attention of Obama and Clinton camps seeking his pledge. The article, however, seems to indicate that Hillary may have some sort of edge…

“I told Obama he needed to come into my district if he wanted my endorsement,” Cardoza said. “He didn’t come.”

Hillary Clinton, for assorted reasons, campaigned in Fresno in October, while Bill Clinton appeared in Stockton last month.In December, Cardoza endorsed Clinton after the New York senator called and left him a personal appeal on his cell phone.

These personal appeals do matter. Clinton called Costa two weeks ago, though the two never connected. Obama’s congressional liaison team said the Illinois senator left a phone message for Costa, though Costa’s staff doesn’t have records for it.

Hint to Obama staffers: Rep. Costa can be reached at his Fresno office at 559-495-1620, in DC at 202-225-3341, or maybe he’ll respond via this handy web contact form.


One response to “Is Obama dissing an undecided super-delegate?

  1. Is it Costa or Cardoza? Your snip mentions both Congressmen.

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