Los Angeles County Casualties of the California Budget Crisis

The California Budget Project released a county by county breakdown of how many people in different public sectors would be affected by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s proposed budget. The following is the impact on L.A. County:

  • 1,544,710 students served by Los Angeles County’s public schools. Cuts to five of the largest funding allocations for public schools in the county would equal $670 per student.
  • 66,140 low-income children dropped from the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids Program.
  • 418,840 low-income seniors and persons with disabilities who would lose the state cost-of-living adjustment for Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment cash assistance grants.
  • 163,700 low-income seniors and persons with disabilities who would receive fewer hours of services through the In-Home Supportive Services Program.
  • 5,170 fewer children enrolled in child care and preschool due to funding cuts to child development programs.
  • 61,590 low-income children in 2008-09 – and a total of 112,140 children by 2009-10 – who would lose Medi-Cal coverage due to increased paperwork requirements.
  • 2,261,650 low-income Medi-Cal recipients who may have reduced access to health care services because of payment cuts to health care providers.
  • 249,220 children enrolled in the Healthy Families Program, which provides low-cost health coverage for children in low-income working families. The Governor proposes to increase family premium contributions and copayments and reduce dental services.
  • Visitors to five state parks in Los Angeles County, which the Governor proposes to close.

The California Budget Project is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that is intended to improve “public policies affecting the economic and social well-being of low- and middle-income Californians” through analysis and dissemenation of information to the public.

…h/t The Irvine Center for Public Policy Research, who lists Orange County’s casualties


2 responses to “Los Angeles County Casualties of the California Budget Crisis

  1. We have about the highest tax rates in the country and a very large number of people with good incomes. So, where does all that money go? Something is seriously wrong in Sacramento.

  2. A 45-million-dollar tax break for yacht owners stays in the budget, and a nationally recognized, incredibly effective program to end homelessness for those living with mental illness gets thrown under the bus

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