Monday Roll Call: 911 insurance, WA state pays LA boys $2.5 mil, and more

31508protest.jpgAnti-war (and anti-Scientology) protesters marched in Hollywood on Saturday. Photo by NoHoDamon, used under Creative Commons.


Washington State’s Dept. of Correction has settled to pay $2.25 million to five San Ferando Valley boys who “wounded or traumatized” when Bufford Furrow Jr., on parole from a Washington state prison, went on a shooting rampage at a Jewish Center in Granada Hills, injuring two female employees in addition to the boys, and killing a postal worker. [Daily News]

Be confident that at least someone is getting a paycheck out of the LAUSD: their payroll system, which has cost $40 million to fix, will likely take another $15 million to make glitch free. The school system’s COO David Holmquist is confident that in time the system will pay for itself. [Daily News]

The City of Long Beach budgets $3 million annually on sidewalk repairs, or $333,000 per council district. John Canalis of the Press Telegram looks at each districts repair needs and how they’ll quickly gobble up the funds.

911 insurance? As of May 6th, the City of Ventura allows residents to choose either a $1.49 monthly surcharge to cover the cost of 9-1-1 services, or pay $17.88 only in the event the number needs to be dialed. Of 158,000 phone lines, only 5,000 have so far opted out of the monthly fee. [Ventura County Star]

A week after Los Angeles was reported to have the bumpiest roads in California, with 65% needing repair, Mayor Villairagosa held a press conference on Sunday to show himself filling in the 800,000th pothole since he declared war on potholes in 2005. [KNBCnbclogo.jpg]

Michael Higby outlines a number of controversial real estate developments and expansions throughout Los Angeles that he believes residents should be concerned about. [Mayor Sam’s Sister City]


A record 9.1 million Californians voted in the February 5th Primary Election marked a record turnout for California voters, and Democrats should be pleased as they “had more voters than Republicans in areas of the state normally won by the GOP.” [Frank D. Russo, California Progress Report]

Last week’s bill to tax oil produced in the state an additional 6% failed – now Assemblyman Charles Calderon [D-58th District (includes East L.A., Hacienda Heights, and Whittier)] is proposing an Internet tax on music downloads. [ZD Net]

Close to 20,000 teachers and other school employees could be laid off in the wake of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s proposed eduction cuts of $4.8 billion. [KNBCnbclogo.jpg]


An Oceanside flood channel built 8 years ago has yet to open due to bureaucratic red tape, and now, nesting migratory birds, costing hundreds of thousands in home insurance for local residents. [San Diego Union-Tribune]

Last month, the Mayor of La Mesa, CA was supposedly found drunk lying on a city street near his running SUV (with a city employee inside the vehicle slumped over the wheel). So it surprised residents this past Tuesday when he presented an award for M.A.D.D. DUI Officer of the Year. No word if it was the same officer who failed to test or cite the mayor or employee in the earlier incident. [San Diego Union Tribune]


John McCain has named ex-eBay chief executive Meg Whitman as co-chair of his Presidential campaign, and “will serve as a leading McCain campaign surrogate, policy adviser and fundraiser.” Whitman, who may possibly run for Governor in 2010, joins fellow Silicon Valley heavyweights Carly Fiorina (former chief exec of HP) and John Chamber (former chief exec of Cisco) on the Straight Talk Express. [SF Gate]

The City of Windsor in Sonoma County is purchasing bicycles for its employees to be more enviornmentally friendly. [California City News]


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