Hey, March Madness office pool scofflaws!

picture-13.pngThat innocent office pool you put a few Hamiltons on? Your participation could land you in jail for a year and/or a fine of $5000… and that’s for first offenders.

If you want to put your money on anything, maybe a donation to Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries reelection campaign would be a good idea.* The Lake Elsinore Republican has proposed a new bill that, while not legalizing office pools, would make participation merely an infraction, with a fine no more than $500.

Jeffries told the Sacramento Bee, “Folks making a friendly wager with friends or co-workers should not have to worry about committing a crime.”

Coincidentally, if you’d like to John McCain’s office pool, click here.

ABC News found Barack Obama’s bracket picks.

*Jeffries has been in office for about a year, so it may be a while til the next campaign.


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