Wednesday Roll Call: Top Two primary voting, Long Beach’s library sanitarium, etc.


A new “Top Two” primary voting system could be coming to California soon, wherein voters vote for anyone on the ballot. “The top two vote-getters, regardless of party, advance to the general.” [Politics, Anyone?]

While on break this week eight state Assembly member have headed to Spain and Japan to learn more about high speed rail, solar power, and public-private partnerships. [Sacramento Bee]

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen has been awarded the JFK Profile in Courage Award for her handling of flawed electronic machines. [California Progress Report]

A federal judge has thrown out a California challenge to a national abortion law signed by Pres. Bush in 2004 allowing for “harsh financial penalties on states that discriminate against doctors who refuse to provide abortions.” [LA Times]


Long Beach City Council approved a new on where sex offenders can live, limiting offenders to one per residential building, and none within 2000′ of child-care centers, parks or schools. [Long Beach Press-Telegram]

The City of Glendale has purchased an 85-year old sanitarium it hopes to convert in a library. [Glendale News Press]

David Zahniser of the LA Times finds the City of LA’s definition of a lobbyist to be confusing and ripe for abuse. (the def: “anyone who is paid to work 30 hours on a specific city project over a three-month period and who makes one verbal contact with a single policymaker during that time.”)


Mission Viejo city council is trying to see if existing laws can be used to curb day laborers, such as their current “anti-trespassing” law, or even something within the state vehicle code. [OC Register]

Government agencies and services Orange County will now be officially rebranded as being from the “OC” to capitalize on the popularity of the TV show. I’m not kidding. [OC Register]


Bakersfield area churches pipe in on the Obama/Wright controversy. [Bakersfield Californian]

In November a Vallejo man was mayor for a single day when a close election appeared to be in his favor – a recount determined he’d actually lost by two votes. He since challenged the final results, and just yesterday finally dropped the case. [NBC 11nbclogo.jpg]


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  1. I don’t thank it’s fair that everytime I move I have to regstare allover!

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