Thursday Roll Call: Obama sez OJ did it, Long Beach back to co-ed, etc.


Barack Obama said he believed it was “pretty clear that O.J. was guilty” in an interview with ABC’s Nightline in an effort to seperate his views as being unique from that of many black Americans. [Top of the Ticket]

Plans to build a private, self contained, newly annexed suburb of the City of L.A. called Las Lomas were voted down by City Council on Wednesday. The city could be hit back with an expensive lawsuit. [KNBCnbclogo.jpg]

US Attorney’s reps attempt to defend the decision to disband a corruption wing as former employees claim they’re being threatened if they go forward with the real reason. [LA Times]

The Long Beach school board has asked the state for a waiver on restrictions on how certain education funds could be spent. In the same meeting, the board ended an experiment with single-gender classes. [Long Beach Press Telegram]

OC Republicans are suing a Congressional candidate for putting the title “Mayor of Huntington Beach” on her resume –  they argue that since the post isn’t voted on (it rotates to different council members annually) it isn’t legally allowed. [OC Register]


San Diego’s growing number of properties being declared historical, allowing for dramatic tax deductions, the city is being deprived of signifigant revenue, a county grand jury determined. [San Diego Union-Tribune]


A Sonoma County community is getting all NIMBY about a proposed Vet rehab center, apparently fearing PTSD crazies will go all Rambo in wine country. [Daily News]

Gov. Schwarzenegger was met by dozens of hecklers in Pleasant Hill as he compared his budget plan to the path to heaven: “Everyone wants to get there, but nobody wants to do what it takes to get there.” [NBC 11nbclogo.jpg]

State Senator Jeff Denham, R-Merced is facing a recall election after he failed to vote on the state budget last July. [Fresno Bee]

Mayor Newsom ordered all city agencies to cut payroll expenses by 8% which will likely result in hundreds of layoffs. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Are KFI’s John and Ken bigots? They’re getting some flack for depicting  Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata, an Italian-American, as a Mafia gangster in ads that complain of his call for higher taxed. [Calitics]


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