Friday Roll Call: Gov. Arnold fires Clint Eastwood, $25,000 for patient dumping, etc.


Gov. Schwarzenegger denied fellow Hollywood action star Clint Eastwood and brother in law Bobby Shriver from third terms as members of the State Park and Recreation Commission. [LA Times]

State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner is forcing Allstate Insurance to give California customers an 18% rate cut because he believes their rates are too high. [KNBCnbclogo.jpg]

Pregnant women in their third trimester and two months following birth could be entitled to handicapped parking spaces if Assemblyman Chuck Devore’s (R-Irvine) proposed bill is passed. [Sacramento Bee]

The progressive group Courage Campaign is asking why state Republicans are trying to push additional tax breaks for yacht owners while California is facing a signifigant budget crunch. [Blogging on Meds]


The Glendale News-Press takes a glance at Assembyman Paul Krekorian’s (D-Burbank) legislative goals, including bills that would increase penalties for street racing and speeding, improve drinking water safety, and making it illegal to sell beef from sick or diseased cows.

LA City Council may soon pass an ordinance that would fine hospitals $25,000 for “dumping” homeless patients. [KNBCnbclogo.jpg]


The mayor and police of Oakland express frustration over loopholes in state law allowing for the proliferation of assault weapons. A California Dept. of Justice agent says, “You’re more likely to be hit by a stray round nowadays than an intended round.” [CBS5]

San Francisco is inching towards requiring large buildings to have “solar power, nontoxic paints and plumbing fixtures that decrease water usage.” [San Francisco Chronicle]

A year after banning city government from buying bottle of water, San Francisco Mayor Newsom is urging restaurants to stop selling bottles and – gasp – give away glasses of tap water for free. [San Francisco Chronicle]


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