Garcetti’s LA City Government 101

As referenced in my interview with Eric Garcetti, last year the City Council President was on LA City View breaking down how city government works, including how bills are passed, and how the Mayor has less influence than Council itself.

Its a straightforward breakdown on how things work – a great Cliff Notes version, anyway – and good info for any LA resident wondering how to pass legislation, or how the hell some crazy laws came to be.

Eric Garcetti on LA City View
Click to watch (will open in a new window).

Unfortunately, like most government run websites, LA City View is sloppy to navigate and, worse, there is no direct link to archived videos. Alas, to watch as intended you’ll need to click here, then in the bottom right part of the City View page scroll down til you see Eric Garcetti’s name and click on it.


One response to “Garcetti’s LA City Government 101

  1. well i do agree about california fault line

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