Burbank gadfly threatens city council

There’s nothing more fun than a little drama at typically boring city or neighborhood council meetings, which is why I have a soft spots for some the fringe elements that partake in local government.

Whether they’re “gadflies” like Zuma Dogg, who has spoken to LA City Council wearing a Kiss mask, overzealous and underinformed neighborhood council people like Bradley in Glassell Park, or other city reps, such as Jan Schaeffer of Carson who screamed in pain after she was smacked with a paper by an old lady, at the very least spruce up the usual monotony of politics.

Unfortunately, for Burbank City Council, comments from one outspoken resident aren’t making for good fun.

On Tuesday night during public comments, resident Edward Guerrero ranted about the city’s alleged corruption, and made what the city is considering a threat: “Thank God I am a Godly man or you have no idea.” And later, when Guerrero was asked to clarify what he meant, he said:

“It would be very easy for someone to come in here and overpower the guards and the council,” he said outside the council chambers. “I know where they live, they don’t understand that these measures aren’t enough.”

And some backstory: In 2004 Guerrero was slapped with a four year restraining order after an altercation at another city council meeting.

As a result of Guerrero’s return and other national events that have some worried — like the Feb. 7 shooting at the City Hall in Kirkwood, Mo., in which a gunman stormed the chambers and fatally shot five people before police officers shot him to death — all five council members plan to meet with a security expert next week to discuss security measures at City Hall. [source: Jeremy Oberstein, Burbank Leader]

Perhaps adding to their concern is this comment Guerrero made to the LA County Board of Supervisors in August 2006, along with allegations that sherriffs had sexually abused him while in custody. From the transcript:



One response to “Burbank gadfly threatens city council

  1. Ugh. I hate it when people act dumb and invoke God or Jesus when they don’t go further. Please, don’t. They don’t need PR agents like you.

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