Still time to become a Democratic delegate!

If you’d like to be one of the thousands of delegates on the floor of the Democratic Convention in August, you have until this Wednesday, April 2nd, at 5pm to register as a candidate.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. If you don’t know which Congressional district you’re in, go here to find out (fill in your zipcode on the top left).

2. Download and fill out this form here. You’ll need to let the DNC know that you’ll be 18 by the time the Nov. 4th election day rolls around, and swear that you’ll vote for your candidate at the Democratic convention.

3. Fax it in by Wednesday, April 2nd, at 5pm to (916) 442-5715. (Your name should be added within 24 hours to this list here.)

4. Tell all your neighbors who are registered Democrats and to come to your caucus location to vote for you on April 13th. (Clinton delegate caucus locations / Obama delegate caucus locations)

5. Be prepared to give a speech at your April 13th caucus.

If you win, they warn you’re responsible for $2000 in expenses that come with heading to the convention… whatever that means.

Note: If you’re a delegate (or know of one) and would like to be featured in an interview here at California Faultline, please send me an email (california faultline at gmail).

[h/t Bakersfield Californian’s Election Notebook]


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