DIY Community Improvement in Sherman Oaks

Community activist Jeff Berk discusses the new park with local residents.Zach at LAist writes:

Meet the future location of Studio Oaks Park where a grassroots effort is the only way this strip of unusable, rat-infested land will become a park. In Los Angeles, if you really want to get something done, you’ve got to take it upon yourself. In the southeast Valley, residents are doing just that.

The project they’re working on is improving a 2000 foot long stretch along Ventura Blvd at the Sherman Oaks/Studio City border that they hope to turn into a median “complete with a walkable path and native plants.”

While local City Council and Mayors reps were on hand to offer moral support, they declined any financial support from the city, citing limited funds. Still, its impressive to see residents not leaving their civic participation at the voting booth, and instead working together to improve their community.

Photo of community organizer Jeff Berk discussing the new park with local residents, by Zach Behrens.


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