Tour L.A.’s Tower of Power!

Here’s a bit of information surprisingly absent from (or cleverly hidden on) the City of L.A. website and the web itself:

Free tours of L.A. City Hall are given ton Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10am and 11am by the Las Angelenas, “a group of civic minded, well trained volunteers who provide educational tours which give citizens an awareness of the history of Los Angeles, its cultural heritage, and how government functions.”

The tour includes a trip up to the City Hall tower, and when City Council is in session, a visit to chambers to see government in action.

The Las Angelenas cater largely to school groups, but I was told they don’t accept students below the third grade level. Individuals are welcome, but its suggested you call ahead first to make sure there’s space: (213) 978-1995 or 978-0811.

…photo by Fred Camino of Metrorider LA, used under Creative Commons…


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