Obama campaign reverses decision on purged delegate candidates

The Obama campaign has now reversed its decision and will allow the purged delegate candidates to participate in this Sunday’s caucuses. Still, something smells…

“There has been an extraordinary outpouring of grassroots support for Senator Obama among Democrats and Independents in all 53 California Congressional districts,” wrote Obama campaign manager David Plouffe in an e-mail to delegate applicants.

“In recognition of this tremendous enthusiasm, our campaign has asked the California Democratic Party to allow all persons who have filed to be a district delegate candidate for Senator Obama at the Democratic National Convention to participate in the caucuses this Sunday, April 13, 2008.” [Sacramento Bee]

Is it me or does this sound like he’s trying to place the blame of this calamity on the California Democratic Party? Where’s the apology?


3 responses to “Obama campaign reverses decision on purged delegate candidates

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  2. If the Democratic party got rid of their pro-rated primary system and had “winner take all”, Hillary would be winning.

    Whatever, though – neither Hillary nor Obama will win in November.

    – AP

  3. Hillary would win…if she bought an Aaron Proctor t-shirt:


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