Inside an Obama delegate caucus.

Field Report from the Barack Obama delegate caucus for Congressional District 28, April 13th, at the North Hollywood Community Center.

DSC00031.jpg DSC00060.jpg
Erikson Albrecht, left, who went on to win delegate spot, outside the caucus. At right, candidate Anne Johnson with supporter, actress Pauley Perrette from Navy CIS.


353 registered voters braved 100 degrees temps at the Delegate Caucus yesterday to decide which two of 33 candidates to send to Denver in August to help represent Barack Obama at the Democratic Convention.

As constituents arrived, candidates and friends were on hand to appeal for their vote. Unlike a traditional election, campaigning took place even inside, just feet away from the ballot box. Some even took advantage of the scores of people playing in nearby parks, advising them of the caucus and successfully bringing them over to vote.

Candidates shrugged off questions and indicated no hard feelings about the debacle earlier in the week when all but a handful of candidates were “disqualified” for less than 48 hours, then requalified to caucus by the Obama campaign.

Inside, voters were able to select two candidates, although the two delegate spots would be given to one man and one woman.

While most votes were cast by 3pm, at 3:15 candidated were permitted to each give a 30 second speech. Many used the time to assure the audience that they wouldn’t switch their vote to Hillary Clinton at the convention

Estee Chandler won the woman’s delegate spot with 77 votes (Anne B. Johnson had 71, and Pamela Broadous 63). Erikson R. Albrecht won the men’s spot hands down with 106 votes, trailed closest by Michael Jay with 62 votes.

I was told in case of a tie delegates would be decided with a coin toss. In fact, over in Council District 31, Yosi Sargent told me he lost to the flip of a coin: “No joke… 61 votes to 61 votes. He (an opponent) picked heads… He is going to Denver…”

Read on for more pics and commentary…

DSC00029.jpg annewater

Based only on what I saw on site, I thought Anne Johnson was a shoe in. Her name was on assorted signs and buttons, supporters were fanned out handing out flyers and talking her up, and she had out a bin of water to bribe voters who were braving 100 degree weather to attend the caucus. A number of her supporters were staff and crew on Navy CIS, where her husband is executive producer.

DSC00032.jpg DSC00036.jpg

Left: Michael Haas. Right: Howard M. Katchen and Adrienne Burk.

DSC00061.jpg DSC00072.jpg
Seth Berkowitz’s campaigned on his behalf, as Seth was spending time with his mother who had just entered hospice. Joe Clemente, a loyal friend, even read his speech, emailed from the East Coast.

DSC00048.jpg DSC00051.jpg

Constituents could register as a Democrat on site in order to qualify to vote in the caucus. Caucus goers also needed to pledge that they intended to vote for Obama in the November election.

DSC00081.jpg DSC00058.jpg
Husband and wife Eric Paquette and Jessica Postigo (left with daughter Libby) both ran. I didn’t get the story on the man in the smock, but I was impressed by his trademark style.

DSC00039.jpg DSC00042.jpg

Caucus voters can be under 18 so long as their 18th birthday is on or before November 4th, 2008. Still, I can’t believe they let this guy in. Click pic on left for additional posted rules and the day’s schedule.

DSC00066.jpg DSC00075.jpg

DSC00069.jpg DSC00071.jpg

Per rules, at 3pm the line to registration was closed. While almost all voters had completed and dropped off their ballots by then, at 3:15 candidates were given 30 seconds each to speak. Even though only half of the candidates were on hand, it still took 20 minutes. (Bottom right: Pamela Broadous)

DSC00088.jpg DSC00089.jpg

At fifteen past five, results are finalized and a caucus volunteer (left) rushes to scribble final numbers of votes. Candidates and friends (right) are doing their best to contain anxiety.

Obama delegates Estee Chandler and Erikson Albrecht
CD 28’s official Obama delegates, Estee Chandler and Erikson Albrecht.

Click here for my full set of photos from today’s caucus.


9 responses to “Inside an Obama delegate caucus.


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  3. Yeah Erikson! Congrats and give ’em he|| in Denver.

  4. Go Estee, You Rock!!! with all your hard work and dedication you are making a difference. : ) ox ox
    Thank you!

  5. Stephen & Lisa Liss

    Congrads Estee a hard won and well deserved win!!

  6. We are so proud of you, Estee! From Bellingham, Washington to North Hollywood, California, The Obama spirit of hope is spreading! Thank you for your hard work!

  7. Congrats, Estee! I’m in awe of you and your dedication to the cause of a better democracy and society. Keep it up!

  8. Go Icetea, i realy proud of you. Give a chance to the States to have a good President.
    Thank you for your support.
    Your friend Antoine from Paris / France
    soon in California to support the best man.

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