L.A. City Nerd resurfaces on Facebook, critiques new city site for kids

I’m contantly surprised by the City of L.A.’s poor use of websites and other fancy “internet technologies,” and I’m not alone. Even the anonymous L.A. City Nerd had briefly posted on Facebook from the tunnels underneath Los Angeles to critique a new site intended to let kids know about city services, events, and programs they can involved themselves with:

The City has launched a new site for kids, and you can Visit it here: http://kids.lacity.org/. It’s a great start to a way to get young “City Nerds” to get familiar with some of their City resources, but it’s got a long way to go. It doesn’t appear to know whether the person viewing it is a parent or a young person. So, hopefully, the intended audience will be identified, and the site modified to truly be a resource for young Angelenos.

They do have a great link to the Sanitation kids page, but they don’t even mention the Zoo, one of the greatest kid resources in the City!! They also don’t mention the kids resources available from LAPD or LAFD — both of which work hard to connect with young people. Yes, there is a little ways to go before this is truly a page for L.A. City Kids!

I wonder if this was a function of the City Council or the Mayor’s office. Perhaps, even, it came from the Commission of Children Youth, and their Families, but that whole department doesn’t even get a mention! Council President Garcetti – help the ITA department out and give them some guidance!

(I wonder when they’ll ask the LA City Nerd to start helping to create this information to the public?

Photo by Gregory Tapler used under Creative Commons.


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