Spanking could be banned in California

SpankingIf you use a “a stick, a rod, a switch, an electrical cord, an extension cord, a belt, a broom, or a shoe” to assist in spanking, you could soon be running afoul of the law.

A bill that would include “the use of an intrument while spanking” to the list of child abuse offenses recently passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee, where, shockingly, the only one opposed to banning these harsh techniques was a Republican.

The bill now faces the Assembly Appropriations Committee, which last year killed an anti-spanking measure that was also presented by Assemblywoman Sally Lieber, D-Mountain View, who is sponsoring the current bill.

To be honest, I grew up under the constant threat of being spanked with a wooden spoon – a threat that was followed through on more than one occasion. So, if I had to suffer, so can future generations. But extension and electrical cords? [source: KNBC]

…image via Frankie M at Flickr…


One response to “Spanking could be banned in California

  1. Sometimes you have to beat a kid with a stick, joke*
    Anyhow, to get the debate started, shouldn’t you have the right to punish a child as you see fit, as long as there is no permanent damage.

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