Los Angeles County tackles City of Industry over NFL funds

The City of Industry attempts to pursuade that state to divert $820 million from property taxes to help with city redevelopment efforts was smacked down after strong opposition from LA County supervisors, creating another hurdle in ongoing efforts to lure an NFL team to the area.

Opponents said the extension would give Industry more time to build public-works projects, including streets, sewers and traffic lights, that would serve a stadium — and provide more commercial development to make the area more attractive to the NFL.

Industry City Manager Phil Iriarte said the stadium proposal calls for private financing of the stadium and he does not believe any redevelopment money spent to enhance the area and its streets would be a deciding factor for the NFL. [LA Times]

It should be noted that the population of the City of Industry is 800. That’s right – eight hundred. And they’re asking for $820 million. Interesting town


One response to “Los Angeles County tackles City of Industry over NFL funds

  1. This victory may be short-lived. NFL, NBA, et al. have very, very deep pockets. Having watched, in my hometown of Pittsburgh, similar scenarios play out, ALWAYS in favor of the professional sports teams and at the expense of the taxpaying public, I’m afraid I know what will probably eventually happen here too.

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