CNN’s troubled weekend

CNN’s PR folks are doubtlessly having a crazy weekend.

Richard Quest, their British “man on the street” reporter, was caught in New York’s Central Park at 3:40am Saturday morning with meth in his pocket, “a rope around his neck that was tied to his genitals, and a sex toy in his boot.” He was charged with loitering (for being in the park after posted hours) and possession of a controlled substance. [NY Post]

And just a few hours later, at CNN’s offices on the West Coast, around 5000 Chinese-Americans protested against anti-Chinese statements made by network curmudgeon Jack Cafferty, and called for his firing. On April 9th, Cafferty said on “The Situation Room,” that the Chinese:

“…continue to import their junk with lead paint on them and the poison pet food” and said, “I think they’re basically the same group of goons and thugs they’ve been for the last 50 years.” [KNBC]

As a casual observer, I’m incredibly surprised that anyone would misconstrue Cafferty’s statements as being about anyone of Chinese ancestry, and not entirely the Beijing government, the same government that would not only have imprisoned Cafferty for his statements had he made them in China, but would have also likely never allowed 5000 Chinese to protest without permit, as they did on Sunset Blvd.

Former CNN news producer Chez Pazienza, who was fired from the network for blogging, doesn’t chime in on the cry for Cafferty’s head, but he does seem to have other feelings about Quest:

Man, all I can say is that as much as I love watching Quest’s antics on TV, if CNN (who of course isn’t commenting) doesn’t fire him for this shit after firing me for blogging, I may have to pull a Milton and set the building on fire. [Deus Ex Malcontent]

Somehow I doubt CNN will can two commentators in one weekend… but would they dare fire Cafferty but not Quest?


One response to “CNN’s troubled weekend

  1. Sounds like a normal night out on the town in NYC.

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