San Diego mayor to opponent: “F— you, Francis.”

Pat Flannery reports from a recent mayoral debate on his “Blog of San Diego” that the proceedings between incumbent Jerry Sanders and challenger Steve Francis were relatively mild until things wrapped up:

I watched in disbelief as Sanders rudely swept by Steve Francis’ outstretched hand. Even from a distance it was an ugly moment. I found Mr. Francis a few minutes later and asked him how he felt about the snub. He told me that it was much worse than a snub, that Sanders actually said “F… you Francis” as he stormed by. All Steve could do was shake his head in disbelief. Personally, I was not surprised.

In a follow up interview, Sander clarified to the San Diego Union Tribune that he’d actually said, “F— you, Steve,” but since “F… you, Francis,” will look better on the inevitable campaign buttons, and I’m a blogger, not a journalist, I’ll stick with my headline.

Sander also explained to the Tribune:

“I am really tired of people thinking we should be buddies… People expect us to just shake hands and be buddies. I’m not going to do that. That’s the height of hypocrisy.”

Were those collective gasps were heard of people being shocked by offensive language, or at the panderous attempt at “straight talk?”

[h/t Capitol Alert]


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