Before Villaraigosa, Hahn, and Riordan…

LA Times’ Robert Greene heard a rumor that the paper’s editors were considering a new policy of keeping “the names of previous mayors out of news stories,” so he’s gone hog wild and done a recap of the city’s mayoral history.

Some factoids:

  • Before Mayor V, the last Latino LA mayor was Cristobal Aguilar who left office in 1872.
  • Mayor Sam Yorty (1961-1973) “began his political career as a labor-oriented and communist-supported leftist, but retired as a Republican.”
  • Mayor Tom Bradley (1973-1993) was both the last Mayor to serve before term limits were put into effect, he was the first mayor since Henry Rose (1913-1915) to voluntarily leave office.
  • Three years after leaving office, Mayor Damien Marchessault (1859-1860, and 1861-1865) shot himself in empty City Council chambers.

One response to “Before Villaraigosa, Hahn, and Riordan…

  1. This sort of dovetails with your 64 Worst poll about Angelenos’ ignorance of local history, no?

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