Speculating Schwarzenegger’s next move

Edward Headington at Mayor Sam’s Sister City tosses out the possibility that Governor Arnold may be targeting a mayorship, or senate seat, after his second term in Sacramento ends. Heck, I’m still holding out for Arnold to play King Conan.

Headington points to what Schwarzenegger said on Leno a few nights ago:

I see myself as a public servant, not as a politician. I want to finish my term, and I’m absolutely convinced that if I do a good job, and a great job … we always will get a job after that.

If Schwarzenegger does pursue a mayorship or Senate seat, from what neighborhood? While the Los Angeles area seems like a natural, he did recently purchase 25 acres of land in Santa Barbara… let the guessing continue.


One response to “Speculating Schwarzenegger’s next move

  1. Trystan Williams

    Hello I am trying to find the commercial i saw on TV with us over here in the UK with Aronold Schwarzenegger & his wife about moving to California to live , I can not find it !!!
    Is there any way you can help
    Thankyou for your help !!!
    Regards : Trystan

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