Apartment dwellers could lose right to smoke at home

Forgive my glee, but I was woken up a couple nights ago as smoke from a neighbor’s cigar drifted into my apartment. Smokers, I’m sure, would like to leave it on me to close my windows, in spite of the record heat wave, and/or to get dressed, track them down, and politely request they smoke elsewhere, instead of expecting them to use common sense and maybe closing their own windows.

Well, thank goodness for a state government that is looking out for non-smokers rights. On Tuesday, the California Senate Judiciary Committe passed SB 1598:

Sen. Alex Padilla’s bill would ensure that owners of rental housing have the option to ban smoking on all or a portion of their property, including inside apartment units.

Tenants could continue to smoke inside their homes until their pre-smoking ban rental agreements expired. [ABC News10]

Honestly, though, I’m surprised that landlords haven’t already been allowed to regulate smoking as part of a lease agreement… if motels can forbid smoking in some rooms, why not apartments?


2 responses to “Apartment dwellers could lose right to smoke at home

  1. Would this also apply to marijuana, hashish and crack?! God, I hope not.

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