Is Rick Caruso considering a run for LA mayor?

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On Sunday morning’s “News Conference” (broadcast on the mothership, KNBC), Conan Nolan interviews developer Rick Caruso on the site of his newest venture: The Americana at Brand.

Throughout the piece, Caruso talks a lot about how the Grove, and now the Americana, have helped revitalize parts of Los Angeles, and that he’s dumbfounded at the lack of municipal rail lines around L.A… and he hints that he’d be interested in public office when the time is right.

But, he says, “it would have to be in an executive position. I’m just wired that way.”

Caruso also argues that wealthy entrepreneurs make for the best politicians, because he says they are only worried about doing a good job, not winning elections.

Above is a five minute-ish clip from the interview where he eludes to, what I think, is his suggesting that a race for Mayor, or possibly Governor, could be in his future.

NOTE: According to Total Capitol: “Caruso was a finance co-chair in the Mitt Romney for President campaign.”

…Conan Nolan has additional thoughts on Americana at Brand, or what he calls “Carusoland” at his Politics Raw blog…h/t Red Spot at Mayor Sam’s Sister


6 responses to “Is Rick Caruso considering a run for LA mayor?

  1. ..wealthy entrepreneurs make for the best politicians…

    Or, even further decoded, “privileged white males.”

  2. A mall magnate politician. How perfect. With that pedigree in this day and age, he might be president one day.

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  4. Caruso told so many lies — on film — during the Americana negotiations that his hopes of running for office are doomed.

  5. ANYONE but Villaraigosa.

  6. Why not? Cut out the overpaid middle men like the mayor and city council and deal directly with the developers, rather than their puppets. I’m all for it.

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