At least two California superdelegates consider switching sides from Clinton to Obama

At last week’s California Democratic Council Convention, two superdelegates who had previously sworn allegiance to Hillary Clinton openly voiced reservations of continued loyalty:

Christopher Stampolis of Santa Clara, a superdelegate who endorsed Clinton after the Iowa caucuses, said that he remained in the New York senator’s camp but that his commitment expired with the end of the primaries.

“When it’s done, all of us, whether we’re committed or not, we’re going to take a look” at the final eight contests, said Stampolis, who until recently worked in external relations for a Bay Area environmental firm. “Our job is to represent the constituents who trusted us to win the White House.”

Garry Shay, a Los Angeles attorney, said that if Clinton remained about 150 pledged delegates behind Obama, the current estimated margin, he would have to “reassess the entirety of the situation.”

“It doesn’t mandate me switching,” he said, “but it does mandate me reconsidering.”

From the LA Times.


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