Schwarzenneger claims to have been pushing for Hollywood tax credits since taking office

An Associated Press article made a couple clarifications yesterday to recent news TV and film productions moving to New York and elsewhere. For one, an ABC spokeswoman said “no decision had yet been made” regarding “Ugly Betty” moving production to New York. And two, Gov. Schwarzenegger countered claims that he’s done nothing to retain film crews in California:

“I’ve been trying for four years, since I’ve gotten to Sacramento, to convince our lawmakers here that it is extremely important to give tax incentives to Hollywood.”

Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who is termed out of office next week, along with other LA based politicians claim that they’ve pushed for tax credits since 1998, only to always be shot down by the state senate. He blames the current logjam on the Governor:

“If the governor would propose ways to increase revenue to offset the credit, this would be a blockbuster hit in the Legislature,” Nunez spokesman Steven Maviglio said. “Unfortunately, the governor has never included funding in any of his budgets for the bill and has undermined the bipartisan support the credit has enjoyed by proposing a cuts-only budget.”


2 responses to “Schwarzenneger claims to have been pushing for Hollywood tax credits since taking office

  1. I believe that Nunez is not termed out of his role as Speaker, but stepping down early to give Bass a chance to acclimatize herself to the role in the middle of the budget process.

    Or to set her up as the fall gal if things get impassable. Or because once term limits extension failed, there was really no point to him retaining the role. But Nunez, while willfully handing over the speakership next week, is not termed out until the end of the year.

  2. David Markland

    Thanks, Joseph – I misread this line from the article referring to Nunez:

    “who steps down as speaker next week and is termed out of office after this year”

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