The nightmare ticket?

Please indulge me as I color outside of California’s borders (and possibly political sanity) and propose for discussion a possible other dream ticket for the 2008 Presidential race:


Sure, there are countless reasons why this wouldn’t happen, but if The Huffington Post can suggest Republican Chuck Hagel as a potential running mate for Barack Obama based largely on Hagel’s anti-war stance, I think I can suggest that a McCain/Clinton ticket stands far more a chance.

Here’s six reasons you should spread this rumor, and why it isn’t that far fetched:

6. The Obama machine isn’t slowing down, regardless of who he picks as a VP. McCain, on the other hand, needs someone to energize prospective voters and prove he won’t be “another 4 years of Bush.” There isn’t a single Republican prospect who could improve on this (save for Condi Rice).

5. McCain and Clinton aren’t shy to hide their affection for each other, and have brought up their close relationship on countless occasions.

4. They’re already attempting to create policies and a shared platform – such as the summer gas tax cut plan (that California Progress Report believes will cost our state over 23,000 jobs).

3. On more than one occasion, Hillary has said endorsed McCain’s qualifications as President while decrying Obama. In a speech on March 3rd, Clinton said, “I have a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House. I know Senator McCain has a lifetime he will bring to the White House. And Senator Obama has a speech he gave in 2002.” She added that along with her, McCain had also passed the “commander in chief threshold,” but Obama had not.

2. Independent voters would go koo-koo for coconuts over a bipartisan ticket, as would anyone else feeling disenfranchised or disgusted by the partisan vitriol that has divided the country over the Iraq war.

1. The number of Clinton supporters she’s be able to carry over would far outweigh the Republican voters McCain would lose.

While it would certainly upset both party systems, I think a win would be virtually guaranteed.



One response to “The nightmare ticket?

  1. Whatever you’re smoking must be pretty good stuff. And this early on a Sunday morning?! A bidding war for Hillary as Veep. Egads!

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