Clinton in Century City on Thursday

The New York Observer reports that “Los Angeles Clinton bundler” Yashar Hedayat has emailed out a reminder for a Hillary fundraiser on Thursday night in Century City.

With six contests left, Senator Clinton needs the resources to continue competing through June 3rd.

$150 a head. VIP tickets range from $1250 – $2300, which includes a meet and great with Clinton.

A commenter snarks:

Awesome. I totally want my hard-earned money to line the pockets of the $109 million—err $98 million dollar woman as she pays herself back for a job horribly done.

Jason Burns at LA Metblogs piles by giving a news definition to American lexicon:

Hil·la·ry [hiluh-ree] – noun

1. New York Senator currently running for President

2. A state of denial.

Example: If Britney Spears still thinks she can make a comeback, then she’s in quite a Hillary.

(To which a commenter there touches’: “As long as Hillary doesn’t show her Britney, I’m okay.”)


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