Excruciating clip of Kevin James talking out of his ass

Warning: unless you like watching a conservative radio host shout repeatedly that Barack Obama is an appeaser, don’t watch:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

KABC talk show host Kevin James tests Chris Matthew’s patience by refusing to acknowledge he didn’t know the history behind recent comments Bush made comparing anyone who’d want to talk to Iran or Hamas to Nazi appeaser Neville Chamberlain.

After three minutes of shouting that Bush was referring to Barack Obama, and that Obama would be an appeaser, he finally acknowledges that he doesn’t know why Neville Chamberlain is called an appeaser, sticking with the belief that its because Chamberlain simply tried talking with Hitler.

Chris Matthews finally stepped in with a brief history lesson:

“He signed the Munich Agreement, conceding a portion of Czechoslovakia to the Nazi regime.”

For the record, the Bush Adminsitration clarified earlier today that they were referring to President Carter as the appeaser. Not sure if Kevin James got the memo in between his empty rants.

h/t Huffington Post


3 responses to “Excruciating clip of Kevin James talking out of his ass

  1. Kevin is one of many Republicans who use code words without knowledge of what cause and effect is.

    Bush’s comments to Knesset will, I think, further enrage the Middle East and Muslims in general. Typical . Similar to “Bring it On.”

    World history should be a must for anyone running for president. Otherwise, the same mistakes will be made.

    Too, it helps to have people not accustomed to bullying, bragging, swaggering.

    Obama represents a whole new breed of politician that this country sorely needs–politicians who are of the people, by the people, and for the people, instead of “of the system, by the system, and for the system.” If elected, he will become the first “real person” to populate the executive branch in years. This is the true Obama Effect, and it is something that those who populate the fast lane will never grasp. When you think you run the world, you assume this includes everybody. Should one of them aspire to something higher, you react in horror, not because they are unfit to lead but because you are unwilling to bend the knee. It is that simple.
    We talk a lot about change, yet when a chance for Real Change comes along, we proceed to show it the door. Change is not a matter of skin color, ethnicity, or even gender. Change means facing down the mobs that are trying to throw this country into chaos. AND HAVE A PROVEN RECORD OF DOING JUST THAT”’ Forty years ago change meant taking to the streets with signs, slogans, scowls, and sandals. Today, change means showing up on time and putting in an honest day’s work. Today, change means being polite but firm. Today, change means having a job with actual responsibilities. We have not come full circle. The change agent of today believes that America is the world’s best hope, not its worst nightmare, and does not hesitate to say so.
    America’s moral and political pendulum has swung so far right that if we truly want change, Obama and what he represents is the only way to restore sanity and balance. If, however, we are still thinking signs, slogans, scowls, and sandals, we will have missed the boat, and who knows when the next one will chug by?
    These are perilous times that call for measured, responsible thinking. The knee-jerk hysteria of the right proves that consevatives have nothing better to do with their time than to waste ours. If Rome were burning, they would bemoan the carbon emissions rather than confront the moral crisis. Or just attack it! Palin and her racist husband is not change . They are more of the failure of the Bush years!


    Patroitism and black people go hand and hand. More so then any other race of Americans. Our American government and white racism is behind that truth. The reason I make that statement is. Just find any other race of Americans that fought and died for America in wars. When the American government fought agaisnt you discriminated against you hated you disrespected your children? And had government laws like “Jim Crow Law”! It was black Americans that fought and died to vote for white people back in the early 1950. Blacks still went to school a Pledge Allegiance to the flag. In 2000 there have been many un armed black Americans murder. Children as young as 6 years old to adults as old as 92 years by white cops . And America could careless. My father enter a seperate but so-call equal Korean War as a American! He told story of black American troops that where put on the front line more so then white troops. Or the fact that blacks where serve last in the mess hall lines. My father told story of blacks that where never promoted while in the service. When whites would get promoted for just showing up. Bottom line blacks still went into the service and fought and died for their country despite the disrespect. American value and patroitism is what white Americans have to be taught! White leadership is so needed in this country. Re- education is so needed in this country for all Americans. Blacks have been taught to feel less than and whites have been taught to feel better than.

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