LA bloggers react to gay marriage ruling

Image snagged from World of Wonder, but clearly the copyright of Fox TV…

“Three of the four Supreme Court judges who voted to overturn the ban were appointed by Republican governors.”-KTLA’s Eric Spillman

“We don’t leave whether blacks and whites can marry up to the voters. This shouldn’t be left up to the voters either.” –Amy Alkon

“The majority decision goes well beyond the narrow question of gay marriage. It also holds for the first time that sexual orientation is a ‘suspect classification’ under the California’s Equal Protection Clause. Therefore, any law in the state that discriminates against homosexuals will be subject to ‘strict scrutiny’ by the court – essentially treating it the same way as laws that discriminate against racial minorities.” –Justin Levine at Patterico

“I see a summer filled with rice-tossing and bouquet-throwing in my future as friends pair up – just for the sake of getting married. Talk about your shotgun weddings!” –Scott Schmidt

“Bill Rosendahl…will you marry me?” –Zuma Dogg

“Think how simple life can be – man and man. No more fighting over doing the dishes. We just won’t do the dishes! We’ll eat at Taco Bell every night. All this eating out will also have a positive influence on the economy!” –Citizen of the Month


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