Counting down to “Recount”

\In last Sunday’s Los Angeles Times was this clever promotional “ballot” for “Recount,” which hits HBO next Sunday. I know I shouldn’t be that excited by it, but I remember the 2000 election drama that the film depicts vividly, and, besides, I’m a movie nut more than a news junkie, so what a combo.

I’m also impressed by the posters that have been wheatpasted around Los Angeles for the film. I never have a camera on me when I see these, but the good folks at HBO were able to provide me with digital copies to show here (shown above).

While we laughed at how moronic the Florida balloting system was, who’d have thought that eight years later California would still be having issues of its own with the punchless Ink-A-Vote system and just poorly conceived ballot layouts? Instead of swinging chads, hanging chads, and that bastard dimpled chad, we just had the double bubble voting trouble… lets just hope its resolved by November (if not the June 3rd state primary, but that would be wishful thinking).

As for memories, the night of 2000 election was a weird one for me. (more after the jump)

I’d booked a last second gig on an MTV project, PAing on a Jaz Z album release party being held at a roller rink in Northridge, and borrowed my roommates car for the 45 minute drive. While I worked, I kept hearing conflicted rumors of who’d won the tight race, not yet knowing that it would be almost a full month before the actual results would be announced.

For the first time ever, I also tried Red Bull, which was free, and relatively new. I drank about four or five of the tiny cans, which I thought were “sample sizes.”

When the event ended, I was PUMPED… and then discovered my roommate’s car had been towed, along with a bunch of other event attendees, from a private lot that everyone figured would be okay since the business was closed. Anyway, I caught a ride with a tow truck driver who was hauling another car from the lot to the towing yard, gave them $200 or so – more than I made that day – and was able to drive home.

I didn’t sleep for another 36 hours. At first I thought it was because of my andrenaline rush from being towed. Then, as I watched the unfolding coverage of the election results, thought its was because the election was that damn fascinating. It took a while to find out that, no, it was actually due to drinking the four or five Red Bulls.

Ah, the memories. Maybe Sunday night I’ll need to drink some Red Bull as I watch Recount, to recreate the experience.

Feel free to leave your own recollections from November 2000 in the comments!


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