Parks website still looks a lot like Obama’s

It is four days before LA County Bernard Parks and Mark Ridley-Thomas for 2nd Dist. Board of Supervisors seat, and more than a week since I wrote about the Parks campaign lifting Barack Obama’s website, and not much has changed. Here’s what updates I do have:

-A few days ago, the Parks campaign wrote me saying they had contacted Uyi Ogbeide with 2 Way Star, their web designer, who “assured” them that “he did not commit any violations.”

-The HTML code on the Parks site was changed removing links back to the Obama campaign that were leftover from when the Obama website’s HTML was copied.

Blogger Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein writes that after the Times article appeared, a friend of his called the Parks campaign to ask about the odd links to Obama’s site:

He spoke to Domingo, the contact person for their campaign on the website, who denied any knowledge of that and insisted it was a software-related bug that he had never encountered before

(If this is true, why was I told by Bernard Parks, Jr. that they were having trouble getting ahold of anyone with the website, when, apparently, someone with the site was already speaking to the issues, albeit sloppily?)

-On Tuesday, the Parks campaign also told me that Uyi with 2 Way Star would be getting ahold of me. In spite of this and repeated emails his way, I have not been contacted by Uyi.

-The designer of Obama’s website, Scott Thomas, declined to comment and put me in touch with Barack Obama’s office who also issued a “no comment on the website.” They made no indication as to whether they had looked into the situation or not.

Both Ridley-Thomas and Parks are Obama supporters, and there is some debate as to who endorsed Obama first. The issue is important enough for the Parks campaign to write on their site that Parks was “the first prominent elected official to support his campaign for President.” Is the use of Obama’s website, including color scheme and images, implying an endorsement in return?


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