Drug dealers need to eat, too.

Something I didn’t know:

Existing federal law permanently bars drug-related felons from ever receiving food stamps, but allows states to opt out of the ban through legislative action.

No, I’m not talking about the no food stamps for drug dealers issue – I didn’t know you could put a big ‘ol “but” in the same sentence as “permanently” and “forever.” Thus is America.

And thus is California:

California Assembly Democrats have passed a controversial measure allowing convicted drug dealers to receive food stamps upon their release from prison, NBC’s Mike Luery reported.

These ex-felons would have to attend certified drug rehabilitation program to receive the food stamps.

Republicans are “outraged,” believing drug dealers should already have the skills required to get a job and pay for their own food.

From KNBC .


2 responses to “Drug dealers need to eat, too.

  1. I’m not “outraged” (since I’m a Republican)…but I do feel the government should stop coddling everyone.

    When I needed help when I was nearly homeless – I didn’t get much because I wasn’t a drug addict, etc.

    I thought we were all equal. If I was told that I have the skills or need to GET the skills required to get a job and pay for my own food, why shouldn’t Harry Heroin do the same thing?

  2. California drug rehabilitation centers have programs that provide an atmosphere where clients can heal painlessly and recover at their own pace.

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