Garcetti running for D.A… of Gotham?

LAist’s Jeremy Oberstein drops the dime on a website calling for Eric Garcetti to run for mayor of Los Angeles, but the City Council prez himself who points out the official website pushing for “Garcetti for D.A.” And there appears to be some supprort. Among the endorsements:

The Gotham Fraternal Order of Police says, “Garcetti has the
experience, and partners with police to stop crime.”

The Gotham Police Union says “Roger Garcetti has the integrity,
the toughness, and the judgement to lead and win the war against crime.”

The Italian Heritage Society of Gotham says, “Roger Garcetti’s
dedication and loyalty make him the candidate to trust.”

Oh, yeah, this is for Roger Garcetti, not Eric, who asks, “My long-lost cousin in Gotham?”

Indeed, the site if part of the viral campaign for The Dark Knight.

I can’t help but think that if in this DC, ie alternate, universe, if Garcetti is running for DA, then Janice Hahn really must be in cahoots with the gang element. But which City Council members would look good wearing masks and capes?


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