Parks continues to rip off Obama, complains Ridley-Thomas outspent him

photo of Bernard Parks by Mike Shear,
all rights reserved, via Flickr

Since neither Mark Ridley-Thomas nor Bernard Parks received a majority of the votes for the LA County Supervisor’s at last week’s election (Parks: 39.54%, Ridley-Thomas: 45.77%), a run off vote will be held on next November’s ballot.

This is, of course, the same ballot that many anticipate record numbers will vote on with Barack Obama on the ticket. And both Park and Ridley-Thomas are proud Obama supporters, who will likely boast of this support as the election nears.

Whether voters’ perception of who supports Obama the most will make a difference, it does appear that Bernard Parks continues to have no problem having a website that was copied from Barack Obama’s. (previous coverage here and here.)

However, on the same website, Parks does bring up an interesting complaint about how Ridley-Thomas effectively beat him at last Tuesday’s polls:

The fact is; we were outspent by a six-to-one margin in an election that saw a 17% turnout. The opposition spent $97 for each vote it received. Put another way, they spent $5.5 million to receive 45% of 125,000 votes.

Thats right: $97 per vote!

As KNBC’s Joel Grover reported, while Parks had received significantly more direct contributions for his campaign than Ridley-Thomas ($850,000 vs. $500,000), Ridley-Thomas supporters spent over $3.5 through independent expenditure groups, sending out mailers, airing TV ads, and such. Parks had no similar backing.

However, what Parks did have was name recognition as both a former Los Angeles police chief and sitting City Councilman, not to mention backing from the exiting LA County Supervisor. Oh, and a very attractive website that he lifted from Barack Obama.


One response to “Parks continues to rip off Obama, complains Ridley-Thomas outspent him

  1. is there a place to see their contributers like the fec site for federal elections but for the county people?

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