Tim Russert passes at 58, L.A. bloggers’ reactions

NBC’s Tim Russert passed away today while working at the network’s studios in Washington, DC. He had just returned from a vacation in Italy celebration his son’s college graduation, and was recording promos for this weekend’s Meet the Press, the show he hosted. [MSNBC coverage]

He was expert at taking the personal nastiness out of politics and of reminding all that the job of the press is to challenge our leaders and those who aspire to be part of the leadership… Those are going to be some huge shoes that will need filling. –Mark Evanier

Thank you, Tim, for keeping them honest all these years. –Jason Burns (who also lists three things he learned from Russert)

As closeted ‘Sunday Show’ nerds, we are shocked and saddened. –Tina Dupuy, Fishbowl LA

Tim Russert had his critics, same as any reporter who has ever strived for fairness, pursued truth dispassionately, and dared to ask the same question more than once when the response is nothing close to an answer…. He will be missed for years to come, yet, the spirit with which he approached his work will surely live on in the young journalists he inspired. –TJ Sullivan

…he revealed his human side and even his predilections even while toeing the line of fair and balanced journalism… He received lots of flack from both left and right, which indicates balance… we’ll miss him enormously. –Joseph Mailander

American journalism has suffered a great loss, and so has democracy in this country. That may sound like an overstatement, but it’s true. Russert helped root out the doublespeak from politicians and enlighten voters so they could make an informed choice. –Eric Spillman, KTLA

KNBC provides a behind the scenes photo montage of the news icon.

…more to be added… photo by Bladerunner009, used under Creative Commons…


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