Stuff I learned from Massachusetts about gay marriage

The New York Times looks to Massachusetts to for a forecast of what California can expect.

There are devoted couples who have decided marriage is not for them, couples whose lawyers or accountants advised them against marrying, and couples in which one partner wants to marry but the other does not.

In short: gay marriage is no different than straight marriage. But there are some lessons to be learned from the Puritan State, which legalized gay marriage 4 years ago.

For one, after an initial rush, the number of gay marriages has dropped signifigantly. Likewise, there have been a high number of divorces by gay married couples.

…some people rushed to get married without thinking it through just because they could. It was an incredibly heady historical moment, and some people probably made the decision hastily.

Surprising details:

And while nearly half of straight people marrying are under 30, more same-sex married couples of both sexes are older — nearly a third are in their 40s.

Could this be because longtime “partners” had been waiting so long to get legally married?

Lawyers say same-sex couples are more likely to draw up prenuptial agreements than straight couples are.

I find this detail somewhat disturbing – but so is the 50% divorce rate among straight marriages.

Not so surprising details:

Nearly two-thirds of the weddings have been lesbian marriages.

Let me reword this: women are more interested in marriage then men.

And men, gay or straight, are still men. According to one married homosexual, “most married gay couples he knows are ‘for the most part monogamous, but for maybe a casual three-way.'”


3 responses to “Stuff I learned from Massachusetts about gay marriage

  1. It sounds like you think that there are more women interested in gay marriage than men? Girls are more interested in marriage than men? Hmmnn, that won’t pass the politically correct smell test at Harvard… Sorry, you can’t work in America.

    I’m not really for or against gay marriage… I just think that the idea that we’ll load those intellectually piled higher and deeper bamboozling excuse for educators with one more piece of insanity to bang children over the head with is an outrage. Ok.. so I am against the legislation about gay marriage… I swear that’s different.

    The thing is that marriage cannot happen between memebers of the same sex. One doesn’t “damage marriage.” How silly. However, we as Americans look like lunatics in the name of not hurting anyone’s feelings. It’s not my fault that lesbians can’t really be married, nor is it California’s.

  2. i beg to differ. And also have alot to say. No one is to say who one loves and who one can’t love. Its not your right to tell one who can’t marry. Its says in the constitution that one can have happieness, well what if my happieness is with a female? rather than a male? is is wrong no its a feeling you cant help it. your not god honestly though you might want to be the ”christian” and not commit the sin you cant help the way you feel. im a ”Christian” yet im still lesbian i cant stop havin feelings for someone . its no diffrent than what a boy feels for a girl. the only diffrence is were both women. i attend church reg. and i study the bible. if you look it also says no one man can judge for your not god himself. them people should leave it at that.

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