FBI investigating Michael Reagan for threatening 9/11 truther

It’s kook vs. kook, as right wing radio host Michael Reagan is caught on tape saying that 9/11 conspiracy theorist Mark Dice should be shot.

Nick Langewis at The Raw Story reports that the comments were made June 10th during the airing of Reagan’s Radio AmericaL

Reagan called Dice and others in the “9/11 Truth” movement “traitors” after learning that they were sending letters, declassified documents and DVDs to troops in Iraq that they say point to government involvement in the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.

A fellow 9/11 truther writes that he called Bill Handel’s radio program on Monday morning asking they cover the story of Reagan’s threats. Late in the 8am hour, Handel said that “his friend” Reagan was being investigated by the FBI for the comments, and aired the clips… interjecting laughs and commentary.

Listen here:

In all fairness, he’s not suggesting that he’d personally shoot him and other “truthers” – he’s calling on a firing squad to do that. But he does say he’ll buy the bullets. And he said this on national radio.

You’d think the adopted son of President Ronald Reagan, who was shot by another kook inspired by watching Taxi Driver, would think twice about making these sorts of comments.

Here’s my conspiracy theory: both sides are just in it all for the publicity.

Monday night, Michael Reagan’s special guest was noneother than Mark Dice himself. At the top of the show, Reagan apologized, and then introduced Dice who immediately read him the riot act. Reagan wanted to quickly move onto the issue of the DVDs, and the root cause of why he was so upset. You can listen to the first half of the interview here. I couldn’t listen more than five minutes to the idiocy from either guy – if you have the time and interest, let me know if I missed anything worthwhile.


5 responses to “FBI investigating Michael Reagan for threatening 9/11 truther

  1. “kook v. kook.” Well stated. I couldn’t stomach listening to these two chimps throwing feces back at each other, but I’m glad you were able without too much harm to yourself. Reagan is a low-life, hate mongering, loser. I hope and pray that Reagan is fired, arrested, tried, and convicted.

  2. the scarier issue is reagan’s radio broadcast is syndicated nationally with an audience of more than 5 million probably-like-minded “kooks”.


  3. Can any of you who commented here, the article’s author , or Mr. Reagan explain to me LOGICALLY AND RATIONALLY (among a shitload of other anomalies related to 9-11) how WTC Bldg#7 could have collapsed WITHOUT having been hit by a plane, bomb, missile, wrecking ball,etc,etc,etc? Don’t you even WONDER WHY the 9-11 Commission Report doesn’t even MENTION the incident, let alone attempt to address it?

  4. ObdurateReplica

    Investigate 9-11 for yourself.

    One needs to look no further than the 9-11 commission report to see the points of contention, and inconsistencies surrounding the entire event.


    Problem: Criminal compartments within the domestic government orchestrate false-flag terror attack against its civilians, using the mainstream media as a mass hypnotism tool by repeating the same war on terror phrases over and over.

    Reaction: Public outrage, Fear, Demand for something to be done domestic and abroad

    Solution: Patriot act introduced which suppresses several of our constitutional rights (introduced shortly after the “Terrorist attack”)
    And the launching of 2 unprovoked, illegal wars to further the agenda of the Military-Industrial Complex.

    Investigate yourself.

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