Obama at Disney Hall in Downtown LA tomorrow

Egads, Barack – didn’t you see “Get Smart” which opened this weekend? Terrorists from KAOS plant a bomb to kill the US President at Disney Hall! Seriously, couldn’t you have chosen the Staples Center instead?

From Jeremy O. at LAist:

Barack Obama is scheduled to ask Hollywood’s most celestial bigwigs to open up its pocket books on Tuesday during a fundraiser in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It will be Obama’s first Los Angeles appearance after securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

Slated to attend: Samuel L. Jackson, Seal, Heidi Klum, Sidney Poitier, Will.i.am, Cedric the Entertainer, Dennis Quaid, Kal Penn, Ari Emanuel, Ron Meyer, Bryan Lourd, Mike and Irena Medavoy, Jim Wiatt and Sherry Lansing.

Glaringly absent? Steve Carell, aka Agent 86, aka Maxwell Smart, who manages to save the President in the movie (apologies for the spoiler).


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