Lesser Baldwin brother threatens to leave U.S…. if Obama wins.

Traditionally, it’s liberal Hollywood types threatening to move to another country if Republican is voted President, but this time a conservative actor is willing to abandon the United States if a Democrat wins. Stephen Baldwin told Fox News that if Barack Obama wins in November, he’s so outta here.

If you recall, Alec Baldwin allegedly vowed to leave the US if Bush won in 2000, a claim he has always denied (before and after that election). Alas, perhaps seeing the undue publicity it brought his brother, Stephen figured he has nothing to lose. And considering none of the previous celebrities who have made such promises ever followed through on them, he can safely assume nobody will take him seriously.


2 responses to “Lesser Baldwin brother threatens to leave U.S…. if Obama wins.

  1. Bye bye baldwin. I hope you keep to threats when crazy mccain loses. talk about washed up

  2. You idiot, Stephen was kidding. Did you watch the whole interview? He was obviously joking and poking fun at his brother Alec. Also, he predicted the press would have “fun” with his comments. In other words, he was saying that the liberal press would make fools out of themselves, just as you and your ilk have done.

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