DNA or bust

Hoping to have your DNA tested to see if you’re prone for disease, receding hairlines, or super human mutant powers? If you live in California you may be out of luck.

In May, state regulators began cracking down on direct-to consumer-genetic testing services, “citing questions about whether the labs were certified and whether physicians monitored the tests.” Additional pressure from watchdogs including scientists, concerned “that consumers may be making medical decisions based on unproven tests that are not backed by sound science,” could all but eliminate such services. [AZ Central]

Fortunately, Wired magazine has a “how to” guide on doing your own genetic test at home. which seems pretty straightforward for anyone who’s watched a couple episodes of CSI (or a doctorate in bioscience) and plenty of cash to burn for doodads like a DNA Engine Dyad thermocycler (try eBay or CraigsList to find one of these cheap).


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