Parks website no longer blatant Obama ripoff, but…

The Parks for Supervisor website appears to have gone through a major overhaul, so while it no longer looks like a complete ripoff of Barack Obama’s slick site, it looks, well, unprofessional. Take a peek and decide for yourself.

Apparently a whole new company, Creative Data, is now claiming copyright over the site:


All contents of the Parks for Supervisor Web Site are: Copyright 2008 by Creative Data and/or its suppliers. All rights reserved.

The site is still using a background image that appears on Barack Obama’s official site. And Parks’ site is still using images hosted on the Obama server – take a peek at the icon next to Yvonne Burke’s name on the Park’s endorsement page. The image is pulled directly from this url:

Nitpicky? Perhaps. But Parks is running for one of the most powerful positions in perhaps the most influential county in the entire country. If he can’t control something as simple as his website, even when evidence of potential plagiarism is presented to him, should he have any role managing Los Angeles County?

…thanks to Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein for the heads up…


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