Mexican drug cartels growing pot in California park land.

A drug war in the middle of Sequoia National Park? CNN is reporting that federal, state, and county law enforcement have eradicated over a billion dollars worth of marijuana plants being cultivated deep within the park. The operation is eerily complex and dangerous, putting hikers at risk of running across armed gangmembers protecting the crop. Most of the pot growers are illegal immigrants, smuggled across the border specifically for the job.

Once at the national forest, the growers carry with them everything they need — tents, food, guns, fertilizer, irrigation hose and marijuana seeds. Armed men keep watch over the gardens day and night during planting season, officials say.

They dam mountain creeks to create pools, then siphon the water into miles of gravity-fed hoses that lead to smaller tubing to irrigate the plants. Nearly all of the marijuana plants have individual drip lines.

Sequoia National Park is approximately four hundred miles north of the Mexican border, southeast of Fresno.

More at CNN.


2 responses to “Mexican drug cartels growing pot in California park land.

  1. Not surprised. Since the end of the logging industry in the 1990’s, the forests are now free to be plundered by crime and raging fires. Too bad. The logging companies took good care of the forests and their presence kept abuse, such as growing drugs and burning embers, doomed to discovery. Thanks a lot, Sierra Club.

  2. This has been going on for over a decade. I was writing a feature on the topic for High Times magazine a couple of years ago but a sudden change in editorial chairs resulted in the story being axed (I refused their request to “infiltrate” the growers’ enclaves, Hunter Thompson style).

    In any event, the DEA makes a token take-down once a year or so to justify the small budget they receive from D.C. and California’s Operaton CAMP for marijuana eradication. If I can locate the notes from my original article I’ll gladly share them here.

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