Did John McCain hint at his VP choice in Orange County?

At Saturday’s televised one on one session between Rick Warren and John McCain, Warren asked the Republican presidential candidate who were the three individuals he “would rely on most” if elected.

McCain named Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top commander in Iraq; John Lewis, the Democratic congressman and civil rights leader; and his economic advisor, Meg Whitman, the ex-CEO of eBay. That allowed him to remind the audience of three campaign themes: his foreign policy credentials, serving a cause greater than one’s self-interest and his pledge to use the advice of people like Whitman to turn the economy around. [LA Times]

Sounds like a great opportunity to float out some names and try them on for size… possibly for people McCain would consider adding to his cabinet, or a running mate. However, each have obvious drawbacks: Petraeus as a military man brings nothing fresh to the table, Lewis has the Democrat thing going for him, and Whitman has never been elected to a political post (although it’s believed she’ll run for California governor in 2010).

Obama answered the same question with his mother and grandmother, proving the definition of reliance is up for interpretation.


2 responses to “Did John McCain hint at his VP choice in Orange County?

  1. Markland, Did you see the Obama and McCain forum at Saddleback College on CNN? McCain’s answers were too quick and ready and suggested that he knew the questions in advance. That was my take, anyway.

    Last night CNN interviewed Rick Warren who admitted that McCain was not, as viewers were told, locked in “a cone of silence” so he could not hear the Q&A in advance but was, instead, “in transit” to the forum via limo and Warren relied on McCain’s “character and ethics” to trust that the candidate would avoid listening in to his opponent.

    The whole forum should be struck from the public record.

  2. CNN reports last night that Obama has “all but made up his mind” on his Veep choice while vacationing in Hawaii.

    Love that verbiage: “All but made up his mind”

    What’s he waiting on? An Experian credit report from his candidate?

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