Hey, Google, leave them kids alone!

Google, the Mountain View, CA, behemoth, is ignoring its “Don’t be evil mantra” by trying to get school children involved in politics. What happened to the good old days when companies would try to get kids to smoke cigarettes?

Utilizing some of their online tools, including YouTube, Google Maps, Elections Video Search and Power Readers, Google has assembled a teachers guide and is coordinating a nationwide student/parent mock election, scheduled for October 30th.

We want students to walk away from their engagement in this election with a sense of excitement about our democratic process and with the belief that their voices matter. As Gloria Kirshner, president of the Mock Election has said, “In the classrooms of today are the Presidents, Senators, Congress members and, most important, the voters of tomorrow. Whether we are sending these children to the White House or to the polls, we hope to send them with a deep understanding of ‘government of the people, by the people, and for the people.'”

Read more at the Google blog.


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