CNN texts that Biden is VP pick, will millions who signed up for Obama’s message feel hosed?

Heck, I sort of do. The Obama campaign was able to gain the cel phone numbers of millions of constituents on the promised that they’d be first to know who his VP pick was, but tonite CNN sent a text message of its own saying they’ve confirmed that Sen. Joe Biden will be Obama’s #2.

On the bright side for Obama, not needing to send a text message out could save his campaign tens of thousands of dollars. While I’m making an estimated guess as to how many people signed up to receive the text messages, if it cost Obama a nickel per person to send the message (a conservative amount, according to Tech Crunch), the total for this single blast would be $50,000.

Not surprising, though – considering all the prep that would need to be done ahead of announcing a VP choice (ie, dispatching a Secret Service detail) – it was inevitable that a news outlet would scoop the campaign’s text announcement.

That said, nearly 20 minutes after CNN has confirmed this, the Obama campaign has yet to “click send” on that text message. Did someone fall asleep at their computer?


5 responses to “CNN texts that Biden is VP pick, will millions who signed up for Obama’s message feel hosed?

  1. I assume it leaked because Secret Service was showing up at his house tonight which made it too obvious to hide.

  2. Although I agree Sen. Joe Biden was a wise choice for VP, I strongly disagree with Sen. Obama’s method of notification. He’s already been compared to Brittany Spears and Paris Hilton so why would he invite additional ridicule by posting his choice via text message. Millions of Americans are not plugged into computers, cell phones, blackberry’s etc. Obama should have respected our traditions and made his announcement in the conventional manner. I’m a contributor to his campaign but I’m having second thoughts.

  3. Oh, come on, Kevin, it was politics with a splash of show biz the likes of which we haven’t seen in this country in ages. I would love to see what the overnights were for CNN and Fox News. Millions of people (myself included) were riveted to their TV sets. The suspense. The build-up. The anticipation. Over a Veep nominee. Unheard of. But the Obama camp pulled it off. Brilliant strategy.

  4. I think he did it via text to make people feel a part of it (even though I never got the text i signed up for).

    Plus most of his supporters are younger so they know what texting is lol.

  5. Absolutely. It was a logical extension of the MTV Rock the Vote apparatus designed to lure 18-35 year olds into the electoral process.

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